kinetics dance costume measurements

Sizing Chart For All Dance Costumes and Uniforms

kinetics dance costume size chart

This is a measuring chart to help you when determining your orders online with Kinetic Creations. All measurements are in cm’s not inches. Please measure each students Chest, Waist, Lower Hips and Girth and refer back to our measuring chart to work out what size your student would be. Girth measurement is the tape measure starting at one shoulder, loop tape measure through the legs and back up to the same shoulder.

Sizing Leotard Set

If you do not have time to measure, why not purchase a sizing leotard set from us! These sizing sets consist of leotard sizes from a Child Size 4 through to an Adult XL and we sell them as a pack. It is a one off purchase and they are yours to keep forever! You simply try them on your students and you will know their size as they have a number printed on the front of them. It’s that simple!

No more measuring!
No more looking at the sizing chart!
No more headaches!

Of course they are not always going to be 100%, for example if a style has a non stretch lace in it chances are you will need to go up a size, but all in all it will save you all LOTS of time and be more accurate.

If you would like to purchase a set, please click here and we will arrange some to get to you ASAP!