KC Rewards

Accumulation Rate: Most items purchased at full price will accumulate a credit of 3%. This credit is based on the total amount of the purchase and is meant to be used towards future transactions.

Invoice Display: Each invoice will display the full accumulation of KC Rewards credit that the customer has earned from that particular purchase. This allows customers to keep track of their rewards.

Exclusions: KC Rewards do not apply to discounted or clearance items. Additionally, custom-made items are also not eligible for earning KC Rewards credits.

Redemption: The accumulated KC Rewards can be used as a form of payment for any product sold by Kinetic Creations. This gives customers the flexibility to use their rewards towards a wide range of products.

Unpaid Invoice Balances: Kinetic Creations reserves the right to use KC Rewards to pay off unpaid invoice balances. However, customers will be informed about this before any such action is taken.